iSina is a Software as a Medical Device for improving dental disease diagnosis by using AI for analyzing a large number of dental images and resulting diagnoses. The platform is unique as it augments diagnosis using a conventional x-ray with dentists-supported, objective, intelligent analysis based on historical data.

Data and reports are accessible to dental professionals and administrators involved in the patient treatment, enabling a second opinion and integrated treatments. iSina improves dental practice’s
marketing, staff training and patient care quality.

The functionalities and features offered by ISINA software

Caring for the patient and ensuring their adherence is crucial, but this might coincide with periods of high workload and discomfort.

Image Enhancement

Isina algorithms can be used to enhance the quality of dental X-ray images by reducing noise, enhancing contrast, and improving overall image clarity

Automated Detection

ISINA, AI-powered systems can automatically detect and highlight potential issues in dental X-ray images


Isina, can segment different dental structures within an X-ray image, such as teeth, gums, and bone. This helps in isolating specific areas for detailed analysis and assessment

Anomaly Detection

ISina algorithms can be trained to identify subtle abnormalities or patterns that might be indicative of oral diseases or conditions that could be missed by the human eye

Treatment Planning

ISina can assist in creating personalized treatment plans by analyzing dental X rays and recommending appropriate procedures based on the patient’s specific needs

Research and Analysis

AI can support dental research by analyzing large datasets of X-ray images to identify trends, patterns, and correlations related to oral health and dental conditions


CT Scan and the software generate a report with a description of the pathology and condition of each tooth. There will be categorization of tooth health by colour to indicate if the teeth are healthy, unhealthy or previously-treated.

The administrative feature of iSina allows dental clinics to store a variety of dental images of their patients and provide custom branding with the clinic’s logo and contact details through integration of the software with the clinic’s electronics health record (EHR) by allowing an open API integration on the iSina platform.

Empowering Smiles with AI-Powered Precision: ISina Dental X-ray Excellenc

By incorporating The Isina into dental X-ray analysis and treatment planning, dentists can provide more personalized, effective, and patient-centered care, as well as, The isina  simulations can be shared with other dental professionals for collaboration and second opinions, facilitating interdisciplinary communication.

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